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"When I first seen Columbia, that sky was the brightest, bluest sky that ever was. Seemed like Heaven. Then your eyes adjusted to the light and you see that sea of white faces looking back at'cha."

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Custom Video Game Challenge

└ seven characters —  V e r g i l  — D m C: D e v i l  M a y  C r y  — [5/7]

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It’s up to you what matters more: your part in the play, or the play itself.

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One part down-to-earth, one part selfless nobility, two parts crazy, and you season liberally with wild falsehoods. You let that percolate through a good audience for a while, and when it’s done, you’ve got your hero.

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"We’re not the good guys."

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I LOVE YOU SO MUCH » Alistair Theirin (Dragon Age)
"That’s what I’m here for, to deliver unpleasant news and witty one-liners."
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mass effect 2 loyalty missions film posters
original art by: benjamin huen [x

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