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Anon asked: Harley Quinn or Jill Valentine

It all began as an ordinary day in September... an ordinary day in Raccoon City, a city controlled by Umbrella. No one dared to oppose them, and that lack of strength would ultimately lead to their destruction. I suppose they have to suffer the consequences of their actions, but there would be no forgiveness. If only they have had the courage to fight! It's true that once the wheels of justice begin to turn, nothing can stop them... nothing. It was Raccoon City's last chance... and my last chance. My last escape...
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The Most Difficult Choice in Gaming

Click to start your adventures in nomenclature.

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hwoaarang asked: nathan drake or garrett hawke?

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Request for ass-ass-to-the-increed: A Booker Edit

Hopefully this is something along the lines of what you wanted. Thanks for giving me Booker and giving me a character that I don’t often edit! 

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Even the most powerful demons merely plagiarize the worst thoughts and fears of mortals, and build their realms with no other ambition than to taste life." FIRST ENCHANTER JOSEPHUS; TRANQUILITY AND THE ROLE OF THE FADE IN HUMAN CULTURE.

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"Sahloknir, krii daar joorre."

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Choose Meme: Harry Flynn or Zoran Lazarevic → asked by rekkusu-chan
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